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cuntflaps is dead, long live safe.moe

Well then, I figured this would have to happen eventually. Back in 2013-ish on a drunken evening with some friends I discovered earlier that I can get a free .me domain via nc.me. The next day I woke up to a raging hangover, and a new domain called cuntflaps.me what happens next is the creation of another pomf clone which has grown far more bigger then I could ever anticipate. We are at 50 thousand files, and serving 20TB of bandwidth a month, but I hear from countless hesitant users that the name is immature, and it even triggers a few SJW's from time to time.

But sadly, if I want to take this site anymore further I have to ditch the childish and funny name in favor of something more simplistic, and your IT staff won't laugh at and call HR when they go thru your browser history at work, so now safe.moe was born. This was chosen as cuntflaps has always taken a more waifu culture type of direction with the home page and 404 pages, and I think its pretty sugoi tbh fam, so now I have made 301 redirects for old cuntflaps uploads that will goto the new file server a.safe.moe and have migrated everything over for the most part except for the tracker which will have to get figured out somehow. But oh well

I hope you guys don't wanna beat me up and steal my lunch money for this domain change, but I feel like taking this site further while still keeping the common core values since the birth of the clone: a simple site with no ads; just upload your file, take your link and get the fuck out of my room I'm playing minecraft you cuck. If you have any questions email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Behave yourselves,